"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind."

- Johannes Brahms

From concept to creation

Pursue your passion

Something magical happens when a simple sketch metamorphoses into an iridescent objet d’art, which is why some artists find their calling in spinning magic for a lifetime.

At 55FIFTY7, we are as passionate about encouraging and empowering the region’s jewellery design community as we are about creating bespoke pieces for our guests, which is why we have set up The Incubator.

The Incubator houses eight workstations equipped with CAD and CAM facilities and an extensive library of reference materials. Catering solely to qualified jewellery designers, these work stations can be used as a creative haven for professionals looking to take their careers to more glittering heights.

Win awards and accolades

Up and coming jewellery designers planning to enter competitions can use The Incubator to turn their inspirational ideas into potentially award-winning creations.

Create a jewellery line

Ambitious designers eager to produce their own personal jewellery line will find The Incubator valuable in putting their collection of designs together.

Feature in our portfolio

Artists in search of instant recognition for their designs. Candidates may find their pieces selected to feature in 55FIFTY7’s portfolio with the possibility of being produced in the future.

An invaluable advantage of working at The Incubator is that artists may find their designs selected for sponsorship by 55FIFTY7, manufactured on their behalf and subsequently displayed in the studio and sold to potential customers.

Register below for The Incubator and launch your jewellery design career, and to receive further details and benefits provided.

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